Remote Roundup - May 14, 2020

Remote Roundup - May 14, 2020
Posted on 05/14/2020
Remote Roundup

The Google Doc version of today's Remote Roundup may be viewed at WJMS Remote Roundup - May 14th.

WJMS Remote Roundup - May 14th

Upcoming Dates

May 18: 8th grade locker cleanout and item pickup

May 19: 7th grade locker cleanout and item pickup

May 19: Transition Information Meeting for families of incoming students with IEPs, 2 pm, virtual meeting by invitation

May 20: 6th grade locker cleanout and item pickup

May 20: 8th Grade Farewell, 11 am on Zoom

May 22: last day of school for students


Ice Cream Delivery

A photo of teachers delivering ice cream to a student.Our staff continues to surprise some of our amazing students who are working hard to stay engaged in remote learning.

On both Tuesday and Thursday of this week, several staff members arrived at their homes to deliver 2 pints of Liks Ice Cream to say "Thank you for being awesome!" and to let our students know that we have noticed their hard work and that we are very proud of them.

We will continue to draw names of students who are entering attendance and submitting great work online. You never know when and who might show up at your house with a frozen treat. Keep up the great work and you could be next!


2020-2021 Registration

Families of current 6th and 7th grade students, please select your student's 2020-2021 grade level below to access a form which will walk your student through the registration process. Be sure to read the instructions at the top of the form to ensure that the fields are completed correctly.

A few tips to double-check that your student has correctly entered their top elective choices for the 2020-2021 school year:

If students are taking a year-long elective, it is imperative that you select YES for your student's chosen year-long elective(s).

After any year-long elective choices are made, the remaining electives that your student wishes to take need to be ranked from 1-6 if they are taking a year-long elective or 1-9 if they are not taking a year-long elective, with 1 being their most desired elective and 9 being their least.

Please be sure to carefully read the descriptions of each elective to ensure that you are selecting the electives you want.

This will help support the administration and counseling teams to place students in as many of their desired electives as possible.


8th Grade Farewell on Zoom

Our outgoing 8th grade class is invited to join Archie, Mr. Keane, the eighth grade teachers, and West Jeff staff to virtually celebrate the end of the school year in a Zoom meeting at 11 am on Wednesday, May 20th. This will be a great opportunity to see everyone and celebrate your completion of the eighth grade. Please RSVP using the Google Form linked below to receive the link to the Zoom meeting. The link for meeting will only be sent to those who have completed the form.


Locker Cleanout and Item Pickup

Locker cleanout and item pickup will take place for 8th grade on Monday, May 18, 7th grade on Tuesday, May 19, and 6th grade on Wednesday, May 20. Please refer to the maps linked below to see where your student will enter and exit the building for locker access, PE locker access, and school property drop-off before your assigned pickup day.


General Item Pickup/Drop-Off Procedures:

Only students wearing masks will be allowed in the building; all other parties accompanying students are asked to stay in their cars. Students requiring special assistance will be allowed to have an adult, also wearing a mask, with them.

All students and staff must wear masks at all times.

Staff may not physically exchange anything with a student or family member.

ALL items must be put into the bag and taken home with students. With the exception of liquids, sorting or throwing away items will not be permitted.

Everyone must practice social distancing of six feet between individuals.

Only ten students will be allowed in a large area (hallway, cafeteria, gym, etc) at a time.

If you or any household member are sick or have any flu-like symptoms, please do not come to the school. We will be happy to schedule a time for you to pick up belongings in June.

If your scheduled time doesn’t work for you, please reach out to Mr. Squires at to schedule another time.


Day-Of Item Pickup/Drop-Off Procedures

Students wearing a mask are asked to drop off library books, classroom books and any other school-owned materials at the gym back door (see map).

Students wearing a mask will be permitted to enter the building to clean out their lockers (band, gym and personal). Please bring your own bags.

8th grade students ONLY may pick up any art or pre-engineering projects and Continuation packets from the Cafeteria using the side door (see map).

8th grade students ONLY who rented instruments from WJMS can return their instrument to the band/orchestra room.

6th and 7th grade students will not have access to any non-essential items that are not in their lockers. Items such as sweatshirts or books left in classrooms will be available in the fall.

Chromebooks will be kept until fall 2020. If a student is attending a school outside of Jeffco Public Schools in the 2020-2021 school year, they should return their Chromebook.

Yearbooks will not be available until June. More information will be released once available on yearbook distribution.


Item Pickup/Drop-Off Maps


Item Pickup/Drop-Off Schedule

Times are broken down the by first letter of students' last names on their grade's designated pickup date:

Last names beginning with A through C, 8 am - 9 am

Last names beginning with D through G, 9:15 am -10:15 am

Last names beginning with H through L, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Last names beginning with M through P, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Last names beginning with Q through S, 1 pm - 2 pm

Last names beginning with T through Z, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


A Letter to 8th Grade

Wow. Maybe wow, is not strong enough of a word. Unbelievable? Inconceivable? Staggering? Any of these words could describe your eighth grade experience starting from March 13, 2020. When we were first told to prepare for "Remote Learning", we really had no idea what that meant. Many of us thought we would be back at school the week after Spring Break, or the week after that, but definitely back by the first of May. Instead, here we are, preparing for the end of the year, still working on improving our instruction via remote learning.

We are not preparing for the traditional eighth grade continuation, and having students guess at what the theme is. We are not tracking down the missing library books so students can receive their yearbooks without having to see the financial secretary first. We are not planning class activities (that we’re not calling parties, but we all know what they are.) We are not reminding everyone of dress code as it gets warmer outside, and the boundaries start to be pushed. Those are a lot of "nots".

But to put it in perspective, what about all we have? We have teachers participating in videos each week, making connections in any way that they can. We have staff working on printing certificates for the packets you will pick up on May 18, when you clean out your lockers.  Our amazing PTA has added a treat to your packets (we won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s great!) for each one of you. We have teachers creating Zoom meetings, using green screens to time travel for history, and calling home to see how people are doing. We have a community that wishes you every success in your high school years and beyond.

Your eighth grade year certainly hasn’t ended as any of us have expected. It’s okay to mourn our moments that were lost: the last days at WJMS, seeing friends, and really feeling closure as you leave eighth grade. It’s okay to be disappointed. We have to acknowledge that life, school, even going out for dinner, is different now. Then, we have to choose how we move forward. Our hope? That you take the time to miss what was lost, and then choose to look for the positive. Choose to be excited for high school, choose to enjoy this time with family, and choose to learn something every day.

We will miss you at West Jeff Middle School, and wish you all of the best.


Virtual Book Fair

Scholastic Summer Read-A-Palooza Virtual Book FairThis week would have been the spring BOGO Book Fair at our school - a time to stock up on summer books, cool pens, bookmarks, and more. While we can't turn the library into a reading jungle this month, you can still support the library and buy books with Scholastic's Read-A-Palooza virtual book fair. Online orders are delivered to your door with free shipping for book-only orders over $25. Please visit our fair at . Thank you for your support!


Counseling Corner

How can we help support you? E-mail us:

Dan Keane, 8th Grade & 7th Grade (last name A-L)

Craig Enlund, 6th Grade & 7th Grade (last name M-Z)

Jen Baker, Social-Emotional Learning Specialist

Dr. Britni Dawson-Giles, School Psychologist


Mental Health Request Form for current WJMS students – this is a virtual counselor request note.


We have published a list of resources for families that covers mental health, COVID-19 information, social-emotional supports, food resources, and more.


Photo: a golden retriever wearing a harness that reads "Therapy Dog, Please Pet Me" resting its head on its paws next to an open book.Archie's Comfort Corner is a Google Classroom for students and families to remain positive amidst changes by learning strategies for self-care, ways to support each other and our students, and enjoying positive vibes from Archie the therapy dog. There will be daily motivational messages and a link/assignment for class members to lift up those working to ensure continued student success.

To access Archie's Comfort Corner, login to Google Classroom, click on Add/Join Class and enter class code axmulug .


Ideas and Information

101 Ways to Play Outdoors

Let's Take a Walk Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Apps for Relaxation, Mindfulness, and Meditation:



Students need to confirm their attendance once each school day – Tuesday through Friday – by visiting the West Jefferson Middle School: Attendance and Announcements course in Google Classroom between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM to complete a daily attendance task. The attendance form will be closed at noon each day to allow our staff to input the day's attendance.

If home internet access prevents your student from completing the attendance form, please leave a message on the attendance line at 303-982-3051. If you have e-mail access, you may also contact Mrs. Barrett at

Assignments will continue to be due based on the due dates that are assigned by teachers in each of their courses.

If your student is unable to complete their online work, please excuse them for the day by leaving a message on the attendance line at 303-982-3051.


Please refer to our our WJMS Remote Learning Plan post and slide deck for specific information about remote learning.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, and be kind to yourselves and one another.

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