Weekly Wednesday Update - September 9, 2020

Weekly Wednesday Update - September 9, 2020
Posted on 09/09/2020
Lunch Schedules, MAP Testing, Attendance

The following information was sent to families via SchoolMessenger on Tuesday, September 8 with the subject "WJMS Lunch Schedules", Wednesday, September 9 with the subject "WJMS Fall MAP Testing", and Friday, September 11 with the subject "WJMS Weekly Updates 9/11/20". The content has been formatted for the web and into our school's weekly newsletter format.

Good afternoon, West Jeff Middle families. This is your Weekly Wednesday Update for September 9, 2020.

Upcoming Dates

September 14-17: math MAP testing, 6th grade

September 21-25: shifted block days (see School News below)

September 23: remote learning day for all students

September 28 - October 1: math MAP testing, 7th and 8th grades

September 28 - October 1: 6th grade attends Outdoor Lab

October 5-8: reading MAP testing, all grades


School News

Math workbooks and (if applicable) art kits for 100% remote students may be picked up during the school day. Families may call the school at 303-982-3056 or email Julie Barrett at to advise when they will be picking up their student's materials.

The September School Accountability Committee meeting has been canceled. The next meeting will be Monday, October 12. The August minutes are published on the School Accountability Committee page of the school website.

To be in line with a testing day at Conifer High School, our block days will be shifted the week of September 21. Students in Group A will be on campus Monday, September 21 and Thursday, September 24, and students in Group B will be on campus Tuesday, September 22 and Friday, September 25. The week's late start remote learning day with all class periods will be on Wednesday, September 23.

Bus passes will be distributed during the week of September 28. While students do not currently need to have a bus pass to ride the bus, they will need to use them starting immediately after they receive their pass.

Our sixth grade students will be attending Outdoor Lab during the week of September 28. Families whose student(s) will be attending should complete the medical form for their student. Please refer to our Outdoor Lab Information news article for additional information.


Hybrid Schedule Lunch Times

Our lunch times during hybrid learning are based on class, not grade level, and occur during third period (on Blue days) and sixth period (on Silver days). Remote students will not be expected to be in class during the times their classmates attending in-person are at lunch. Teachers will be taking their lunch breaks at the same time that their classes are at lunch.

Blue Day (Periods 1-3) Lunch Schedule:
Blue A
Blue B
Blue C
Williams Popejoy Sherman
Wooldridge Sarché Buffington
Lauer Hannawacker D'Amico
Wheeler Nickerson Woods
Malcolm Bitterly Bradley
Little Cushing Hodges
Fuchigami Fisher Wiechec
Lopez Myers Reetz


Silver Day (Periods 4-6) Lunch Schedule:
Silver A
Silver B
Silver C
Williams Popejoy Dignan
Lauer Sage Myers
Wheeler Sarché Sherman
Bradley Woods Hannawacker
Hodges Reetz D'Amico
Fisher Wiechec Bitterly
Cushing Bergkamp Nickerson
Lopez   Johanneck


Students should pre-order breakfast and/or a lunch for days they want to receive those meals at school. Please do not order lunches any earlier than the Saturday prior to the week you are ordering for; for example, you would not want to order school meals for the week of September 14 before Saturday, September 12.

Students may bring their own snacks and lunch. They must be kept in the student's small backpack or drawstring bag until snack or lunch time. No microwaves are available to heat up food.


Grab and Go Lunch Pickup begins week of September 14

Jeffco Food and Nutrition Services will begin Grab and Go Lunch Pickup at schools the week of September 14th.

Students in hybrid learning will be able to pick up three days of take home meals on their second day of in-person learning each week.

Students in 100% remote learning will be able to pick up two days of meals on Tuesdays and three days of meals on Thursdays each week. Meal pickup is from noon to 1 pm.

Whichever learning schedule you choose, school meals are available free to all students through December 31, 2020. If you believe you may qualify for free and reduced meal benefits, please complete a free and reduced meal application to ensure you receive fee waivers if eligible, that your school receives proper funding and that meal eligibility is current when meal charges return.


Homeroom for 100% Remote Students

Our 100% remote students are now scheduled to remotely attend Homeroom on Group A days, which are typically Mondays and Wednesdays of a regular school week. (The Fall 2020 Block Days schedule is available from both our Calendar/Bell Schedule page and the Family Resources page.) Homeroom teacher assignments may be found in a student's schedule on Infinite Campus.

Homeroom occurs at the end of each school day from 1:20 - 2:20 pm and provides social-emotional learning, time for students to work on classwork, and time for students to receive support from a teacher on skills and/or assignments.

Please have students email their homeroom teachers if they have any questions.


Fall MAP Testing

Our students will be participating in fall MAP testing starting the week of September 14th. Measures of Academic Progress, abbreviated as MAP, gives immediate feedback on students' growth for teachers and families and is given three times a year. Additional information on MAP testing may be found on the District Assessments page of the district website.

Students in hybrid learning will take MAP assessments during their normally-scheduled English/Language Arts and Math class periods during their assigned weeks:

  • September 14-17: math MAP testing, 6th grade

  • September 28 - October 1: math MAP testing, 7th and 8th grades

  • October 5-8: reading MAP testing, all grades

Students in hybrid learning will not be testing the week of September 21-25 due to the interruption in bus services.

Students in hybrid learning will have independent, asynchronous assignments to complete on their days at home. They will not have any required Google Meet sessions during the week(s) they are testing.

Students that are 100% remote will not see their Math or English/Language Arts teachers at all during the testing week, unless teachers choose to host a virtual meeting with them when students are not testing. Remote student attendance will be somewhat flexible during this week, as these students will be scheduling times with our instructional coach, Mrs. Mergendahl, to complete their MAP assessments.

Students that are 100% remote will be responsible for making up missed work that occurs during their scheduled testing times. They will be able to complete missed work during their normally scheduled Math and English/Language Arts classes.

Additional information specific to testing for 100% remote students will be communicated to families by Mrs. Mergendahl.

All students are required to take the MAP assessments on a school-owned device. If your student does not currently have a school-issued Chromebook, please email Amy Gutierrez Baker at to make arrangements to get a device checked out to your student prior to your student's scheduled testing.

For more information about the MAP assessment and how the information collected from testing is used, please refer to the MAP Growth Parent FAQ published by our district.

Any questions about MAP testing at West Jeff Middle may be directed to assistant principal Tricia Samuelson at or instructional coach Caity Mergendahl at


Attendance Procedures

We know that getting automated attendance calls is annoying. To try and help minimize these calls, we encourage families to use the following attendance procedures.

Absences: Please call the attendance line (303-982-3051) to to excuse the absence. This is the same for students in hybrid and remote learning. The student needs to be called into the attendance line even if they are going to be attending remotely on their in-person day.

Early Release: Please call the attendance line (303-982-3051) with the date and time your student needs to be released or log out of class.To pick up a student on campus, ring the doorbell and an office staff member will bring the sign-out sheet to the door along with your student.

Tardies: Please call the attendance line (303-982-3051) when a student will be late logging into their first class of the day. To sign in learners arriving on campus after 7:45 am, please accompany your student to the main entrance and ring the doorbell. A staff member will bring the sign-in sheet to you and screen your student. Students tardy to classes after arrival can only be excused for outside appointments or excused by a staff member.

If your student is having internet issues during class time, please call the attendance line so that class attendance can be adjusted.

For additional guidance or situations that fall outside those described above, please call the main office at 303-982-3056.

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